Harvard National Model UN Conferences

With around 3000 delegates hailing from 80 countries and a staff of over 230 Harvard undergraduates, Harvard National Model United Nations is a place for individuals to come together to discuss the world's most pressing problems in a forum modeled on the United Nations. HNMUN Boston occurs each February in Boston, Massachusetts, while HNMUN-LA takes place each January in Lima, Peru. 

HNMUN Boston prides itself as being the most highly-ranked conference on the U.S. collegiate conference circuit, as well as hosting a diversity of committees, from traditional UN commissions to crisis committees. In addition, HNMUN Boston 2019 will feature a Spanish language committee and a Joint-Crisis Committee.

Ultimately, HNMUN serves to inspire the world's university students to collaborate across borders and innovate in their own communities, all while fostering a sense of global citizenship and comraderie. The Secretary-General for HNMUN 2019 is Antonio Soriano and the Secretary-General for HNMUN-LA 2019 is Daniel Menz.

Please contact info@hnmun.org with any questions about our Boston conference and info@hnmunla.org with questions about our conference in Latin America.