Harvard Model UN Conferences

Founded with the mission to highlight international issues and foster leadership skills among high school students, Harvard Model United Nations comprises of three conferences with over 5500 students in attendance each year. The largest conference, HMUN Boston, occurs each January in Boston, Massachusetts. HMUN China occurs each March in Beijing, while HMUN India is hosted each August in Hyderabad. 

At HMUN, delegates gain insight into the workings of the United Nations and the dynamics of international relations by assuming the roles of world leaders and international decision makers. HMUN is an exciting opportunity for young leaders to debate the most pressing issues of the day and to draft innovative, creative solutions. Participants will develop several skills throughout this process, including but limited to: public speaking, negotiation, teamwork, leadership, and policy crafting.

True to the spirit of the United Nations, HMUN strives to foster a constructive forum for open dialogue on a range of complex issues, including international peace and security and economic and social progress. We ask delegates to think critically about the world around them, and to think in new and ambitious ways. In 1927, Harvard held its first annual model League of Nations, followed by the first model United Nations conference in 1953. This longevity and the dynamic that only a conference of our size can provide make HMUN the premier simulation of its kind in the world.