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The Harvard IRC Alumni Board is composed of 3-5 individuals who have at least 3 years between themselves and their Harvard graduation. The purpose of this board, as outlined by the IRC President and a resolution passed by the 2017-2018 IRC Board of Directors, is meant to oversee the IRC's anticipated financial aid program and help coordinate reunion events for IRC Alumni at the Harvard-Yale Game and during class reunions. 

If you are interested in joining our Alumni Board, please reach out to


[Please note: the following information is updated as of July 1, 2018. The anticipated IRC financial aid program is a pilot initiative which has not yet been approved by Harvard College, and the following content is for informational purposes only. It will be continually updated. Thank you for your understanding.]


What is the proposed IRC Financial Aid Initiative?

(From the 2017 BoD proposal): “The Financial Aid Program for IRC members [aims] to provide a form of monetary assistance to people who are currently receiving financial aid from Harvard, and who dedicate a [significant amount] of time to the IRC (upwards of 20 hours per week), including, but not limited to: program heads, secretariat members, IRC central board or people holding multiple leadership positions in the IRC.”

Specifically, this program seeks to fulfill eligible students’ Term Time Work Requirement (“TTWR”), as described by Harvard’s Financial Aid Office. According to the Financial Aid Office’s overview, students can be required to make a semesterly financial contribution to their tuition bill, often through on-campus employment. The IRC seeks to be categorized as an on-campus “employer” that is capable of helping eligible members meet their TTWR.


What entities are involved?

The Financial Aid Initiative is being developed by the IRC’s Diversity and Accessibility Subcommittee, the Harvard Financial Aid Office, the Harvard Student Employment Office, and the IRC Alumni Board.


How will students’ privacy be protected?

No names or any other personally identifying information of financial aid recipients will be made available to current IRC students at any time. The only entities with knowledge of eligible students’ information are the Harvard Financial Aid Office, the Harvard Student Employment Office, and the IRC Alumni Board. The Alumni Board will be composed of Harvard students who have graduated 3 or more years prior to that academic year, ensuring no “overlap” between Board members and aid recipients.


How can the IRC community get involved?

Currently (this Summer/Fall 2018) we are actively soliciting Alumni Board candidates! If you are an IRC alum in the class of 2015 or earlier, we would love to have your participation on the Board. Please email Isabel at for more details.


How can I leave questions or comments about this initiative?

Please contact Eliza at or Isabel at